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Library History of the Library The Abbott Memorial Library was given to the Town of Dexter by George A. Abbott on Christmas Day 1894. In 1894 it housed a collection of 4,017 books. Today our collection numbers are over 26,217 and counting. This includes DVD’s, and unabridged audio tapes. The library subscribes to 66 magazines and five newspapers. An online index of periodicals which includes full text articles is available for patron use.The library provides services to the residents of Dexter, Cambridge, Exeter, Garland, Ripley, and St. Albans. Public Internet access is available from 8 (work stations), and we offer wireless Internet access as well as an on-line catalog of library holdings available through the Maine Balsam Libraries Consortium.  We accept telephone requests for renewals and provide in state as well as out-of-state inter-library loans, monthly lists of new books, public color copying and delivery of books to shut-ins.

Library Cats

The library has two resident library cats.  Scooter(calico) and Poppy seed (black)  both are females.  Scooter is shy and retiring and can normally be found in the library office.  PoppySeed  craves attention and will sit on or in your book bag while you use a computer.

Poppy Seed       poppy seed                  Scooterscooter

Archived Obituaries

The library’s Dexter obituary project is nearly finished; years 1865 through summer of 2014. We are now checking our database against obituary scrapbooks owned by the Dexter Historical Society and adding those that were not included originally in our database. Obituaries were obtained from Dexter’s Eastern Gazette,, and the Bangor Daily News Click here for the current database of Archived Obituaries. Beginning in November of 2014, we will begin adding obituaries from the town of Ripley, Maine.  As of late summer 2015 archived Ripley obituaries from 1870 through 1940 have been added.  If people have information to share, please Email your information to Head Librarian Liz Breault

Liz Breault Head Librarian One Church Street Dexter, Maine 04930 (207) 924-7292

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Library Photos


Holiday Tea

The staff and trustees of the libraryhosted a festive holiday tea on Saturday, December 6th .  Despite terrible weather conditions a group of hearty souls showed up to relax  with cups of hot tea and enjoy lots of holiday treats.  Pictured above Town Manager, Shelley Watson chats with guests.



Snake Art

The Trustees of the library recently made an eye catching donation to the children’s room.  On October 15th they voted to purchase Laurie Calhoun’s beautiful hand carved snake.  The 11 foot snake now crawls sinuously across the shelves in our children’s room.



August 1st Book Sale

On Saturday, August 1st the library held a book sale.  All proceeds from the sale were donated to the Millinocket Memorial Library.  The town of Millinocket closed it’s public library this summer in an attempt to keep the mil rate down.  The Friends of the Millinocket Library are attempting to keep the library open 15 hours per week with the help of volunteers.

Book Donations Donations of clean undamaged books are welcomed. No text books or Reader’s Digest books. Please contact the library at (207) 924-7292 for more information or to arrange for pick up of donations.


Monthly Book Club


The Girls of Atomic City by Denise Kiernan 

“A black-and-white photo of young women monitoring gigantic panels covered in knobs and dials both altered my view of this story and inspired me to write The Girls of Atomic City. I was struck by the youth of these women, the size of the room, the unfamiliar technology. They did not know they were enriching uranium and would not know until a bomb detonated above Hiroshima. What were they thinking? What did the Manhattan Project look like through their eyes? I had my way in. I tracked down everyone I could who had worked on the Manhattan Project in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, during World War II.

I entered a top-secret compound, one that straddled two worlds: that which existed before and that which followed the dawn of the nuclear age. Octogenarians as my trusted guides, I found not only fission and cyclotrons, but rations and dances. The satisfaction of doing one’s part mixed with the anxiety of wartime. It was a world of pioneering spirit and propaganda, of scientific gains and personal loss. Loved ones were far away, deadlines and informants lurking much nearer. There was always waiting: for news, for cigarettes, for letters, for the end of the war. When that end came, it was a relief and a shock. Secrets were revealed, others still remain.

I hope readers will be as fascinated by this moment in time as I was, as I still am.”

We’ll be meeting on Wednesday,September 30th @ 6 P.M. for a discussion of this book.



Library Story Time

storytime   Abbott Memorial Library holds Story Hour on Friday at 3:30 P.M. This program is for youngsters up to age 6, accompanied by a parent or other adult. This program is free to the public and includes stories, songs and crafts. Upcoming subjects include fall stories and crafts.  Come join us for an enjoyable time. For further information, contact the library at 924-7292.  or email Liz.

2015 Library Trustees

Trustee   Term
Ann Marquis: – Chairman 1/13 – 12/15
Mark Christie: – Vice-Chairman 1/13-12/15
Connie Hall – Secretary 1/12-12/17
Corey Pearson – Treasurer 1/11 – 12/16
 Wanda Curtis 1/13 – 12/15
Richard Frank 1/13 – 12/16
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