Code Enforcement


Animals Within Town

Land Use Ordinance

Land Use Permit

Manure Management

Public Indecency

Rental Ordinance

Shoreland Zoning Ordinance

Shoreland Zoning Application

Traffic Incident

Reviewing Subdivisions



Town of Dexter Permit Fees

Shoreland Zoning Fees

  • Planning Board issued permits $50
  • Code Officer issued permits $20

Land Use Ordinance Fees

  • Principal structure permits $50
  • Accessory structure permits $20
  • Commercial activity permits $20

Subdivision Ordinance Fees

  • Final Plan submission fee $80 plus $20 per lot

Plumbing Permit Fees

  • Contact:  Al Tempesta {LPI}  (207-924-7620)

Note: For structures to be built in a flood plain, the Town requires a $10 application fee and can require reimbursement for costs, as well as the permit fees above.

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