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JULY 2010 – JUNE 2011



July 2010 projects started out with the expansion of the Veteran’s Memorial Park. After three years of trying to get permitting from DEP we were finally successful and immediately started the project. Many thanks to C.M. Ellms for his help and the donation of the large rock riprap. Summer road work began in August starting with 700 feet of rebuild on the Eaton Road. From there we reconstructed 800 feet of the Upper Garland Road. 800 feet of the Crawford Road was next for fabric and gravel and then we finished up the season rebuilding 400 feet of the Airport Road. On September 11, Pike Paving came to town and resurfaced 3600 feet of the Upper Garland Road. Previously, on the last day of August, Pike reclaimed the Old Dover Road. This is a process where an old paved road with a weak base is ground to a depth of 10 to 12 inches turning the road into a mix of gravel and chopped up asphalt. The aim is to create a solid base that in the future can be paved over. First storm of the winter season was on November 22nd. Light snow, freezing rain and rain had the sand trucks out for a time. A slippery snowfall the day after Thanksgiving was the last storm of the month. December was a month of stormy weather. Six snow storms including a whopper of a blizzard gave us a monthly total of 32 inches. We also had a freezing rain event and a rain storm that caused multiple washouts around town. January was a cold and windy month. A blizzard in the middle of the month was nestled in between a half dozen other storms including two sleet/freezing rain storms. 30 inches of snow fell for the month. February was another tough winter month. Six snow storms dumped 35 inches and two ice storms ate into dwindling salt and sand piles

Mud season started March 14th. We have had nearly10 feet of snow this winter and the warmer weather is most welcome. April Fool’s Day brought with it a two day 13 inch blizzard. This brought our season totals to 110 inches of snow. Add to that six freezing rain storms and nineteen snow storms and this was one tough expensive winter. Spring work consisted of ditching and rebuilding the Gilbert Road and the Nelson Road.

                                                                                                                                       Respectfully submitted,
                                                                                                                                          Michael Delaware
                                                                                                                                            Public Works Director

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