Highway / Public Works

Town Report 2008-2009

Road work for this budget year started in early July. First, ditching was done on sections of the Charleston Road. 700 feet of the road was rebuilt and another 500 feet was surfaced with gravel. While in the area, 200 feet of the Nelson Road was rebuilt. From there we moved over to the Number 10 Road and ditched a portion of it. 500 feet of this road was then surfaced. Sections of the Airport Road were ditched and 150 feet of the Bugbee Road was rebuilt. Finishing out the season theTrotting Park Road was ditched and surfaced.

Plow trucks went out for the first time on December 11th for three inches of snow. Two other small storms, an 18 inch blizzard, and five sleet/freezing rain storms gave us a wet month. Only three moderate storms in January and another three in February but one of them was a nasty 24 inch blizzard. Two storms came the first week of March and that was the end of winter. Snow totals for the winter season were 12 snow storms, 5 sleet/freezing rain events, and 92 inches of snow. Spring road work consisted of repairing roads damaged from mud season. 1200 feet of the Crockett Road was rebuilt with fabric and gravel. 200 feet of the Dunn Road was rebuilt and 500 feet of the Old Pond Road was ditched and rebuilt with fabric and gravel.

Equipment purchases consisted of a new sander hopper to replace our 16 year old unit that self-destructed in December and a used 1994 Mack tri-axle dump truck. This truck will be used to haul the bulk of our road gravel and winter sand. In the winter it will be used to haul snow.

Some of the other projects involving the Highway Department for the 2008-2009 budget year were: rebuild storm basins on Pleasant Street and Free Street, with the help of Chuck Ellms we completed a soil and water conservation project in Frye Cove for a fraction of the budgeted cost, replaced an old culvert on Jackson Street with a new 36” X 70’ pipe, assisted Facilities with installation of new Jeff Parola Memorial Soccer Field sign.

Respectfully submitted,
Mike Delaware, Public Works Director

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