Town Manager

As the Town Manager I am responsible for the administration of town affairs. It is my role to ensure that the daily management, financial aspects, and personnel issues are handled effectively and fairly.
I firmly believe in following the Town Charter, improving the Town of Dexter’s economic/financial situation and working with residents/taxpayers to improve, create, and/or resolve concerns within the Town of Dexter.

Town Charter


Town Manager’s Journals 2014
JANUARY 2014.doc
FEBRUARY 2014 Report.pdf
MARCH 2014 Report
APRIL 2014 Report
MAY 2014 Report
JUNE 2014 Report
JULY 2014 Report

Town Manager’s Journals
2013 (zip)
2012 (zip)
2011 (zip)
2010 (zip)
2009 (zip)
2008 (zip)

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