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History of the Library   The Abbott Memorial Library was given to the Town of Dexter by George A. Abbott on  Christmas Day 1894.   On Christmas Day in 1894 at a special town meeting, George Abbott turned the deed to the building and grounds over to the town.  A special gold coin was presented by the town to Mr. Abbott as a token payment for his generous gift.  The gold coin is still in the possession of family descendants.  In 1894 it housed a collection of 4,017 books leaving many shelves bare.  Today the shelves are bursting with a collection of over 26,000 volumes.


Siesta Sanctuary’s Visit to the library

On November 23 the library was visited by a beautiful (and noisy) flock of parrots.  Over 50 people packed the downstairs meeting room to hear about the lives and visit with these incredible creatures.


In 2006 Margaret and Fritz Buschmann founded the non-profit Siesta Sanctuary as a home for parrots who have been displaced and need permanency.

Parrots are wild animals that live 30-80 years. They are very intelligent and social and, in the wild, thrive as part of a flock. It is our mission to recreate the flock for parrots that have had their human flock disrupted; seldom can humans accommodate a pet through all the family life changes in 80 years!

Our parrots have come to us from rescue organizations, owners moving to nursing homes or apartments, spouses objecting to the bird, birds with problem behaviors that disrupt the home and birds that other folks have rescued but couldn’t keep.

All birds we take in will have permanent sanctuary. Here the parrots live in a flock, can fly and learn to behave like birds. Many birds that come to us have lived alone. Nearly all have found a mate or best friend. We delight in all this social activity and the odd couples that develop.



Three Decades of Service





Town Manager Trampas King presents librarian Liz Breault with a certificate of appreciation for thirty years of employment with the Town of Dexter.


                                                     Poppy Seed “Poppy”

The Abbott Memorial Library’s beloved cat, Poppy passed away on January 22nd, 2020.  Coming to us as a kitten in 2002, for more than 17 years, she was a fixture at the library.  She brought everyone joy, love and laughter.  Thousands of hands reached out to stroke her fur and she never scratched, nor bit anyone.  She especially loved children and would trot off to find them when she heard their voices.

Our sweet black furred one is gone.  Gone is the warmth, the purring,  the beating of a loving heart.  Our library will never be the same without her.  Rest in peace, sweet Poppy.



Civil War Memorial Urn

Rick Whitney of the Dexter Historical Society gives a presentation on the history of the G.A.R(Grand Army of the Republic) while Eric Boothyroyd of the Sons of Union Veterans stands at attention.  The flower urn was presented to the town in 1929 in memory of the G.A.R.   Restored by Tina Santos of Dexter it has stood at the foot of Dexter’s Civil War monument for 90 years.



Archived Obituaries

The library’s Dexter obituary project is nearly finished; years 1866 through 2017.  Click here for the current database of Archived Obituaries. Beginning in November of 2014, we started adding obituaries from the town of Ripley, Maine.  As of late fall 2017 archived Ripley obituaries from 1870 through 1977 have been added.  If people have information to share, please Email your information to Head Librarian Liz Breault , send a letter to Head Librarian One Church Street Dexter, Maine 04930 or call (207) 924-7292

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Additional Links

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New books, audios and movies recently added to our collection



Alger, Cristina             Girls like us

Archer, Sarah               The Plus one
Brockman,Cambria    Tell me everything

Dykes, Amanda           Whose waves these are

Jackson, Josslyn         Never have I ever
McKinty, Adrian         The Chain
Manning, Kirsty         Song of the the Jade Lily
Miller, Rowenna        Fray

Robotham, Michael   Good girl, bad girl
Thompson, Kelly        Nancy Drew: palace of wisdom
Tomlinson, Max         Vanishing in the Haight


Non Fiction

Preston, Richard
Crisis in the Red Zone

Israel, Lee
Can you every forgive Me?

Lambert, Ray
Every man a hero




Juvenile fiction and easy Books

Ahmadi,Arvin              Girl gone viral
Anchin, Lisa                 The little green girl
Davies, Nicola             Hummingbird
Donnelly, Jennifer     StepSister
Floca, Brian                Moonshot
Kadohata, Cynthia    A Place to belong
Kaufman, Amie         Aurora Rising

Juvenile Non Fiction

Barton, Chris
What do you do with a voice like that?

Brandon, Marie Miller
Robert E. Lee : the man, the soldier, the myth

Challoner, Jack
Stem Lab

Lopez, Silvia

Maurer, Richard
Destination moon





Our Makerspace

Look for the re-opening of our makerspace in early February 2020.




This picture is of our first  laser cut and engraving project! We all hovered over the Glowforge machine to watch it as it made this project 🙂 Come check out this new resource at the Makerspace downstairs Tues-Fri 3-5.  What would you like to make with the new laser cutter and engraver?  Come downstairs is see what  is being  created.










Library Photos

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“New”(almost) Book Drop

Thanks to our handy employees at the town garage, our old rusted book drop box has been  re-welded  and beautifully refurbished.  Thanks, guys you saved the town a bucket of money!



Fourth of July Parades

Two young library patrons pull the model of the library in Dexter’s 2016 Fourth of July parade.

Library staff and patrons participate in Dexter’s 2017 Fourth of July parade.




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Library Exterior Restoration Project Completed!!


Nearly half the building was shrouded in scaffolding as the masons began work.



After a successful year of fundraising, and an entire summer and fall of exterior work, our beautiful library has been restored to it’s original beauty.


Our recently installed donor “card catalog” has been permanently installed just outside of the library’s reading room. Each “drawer” bears the name or names of a business or individual who donated to our 2018 restoration project.  Pictured is Ed Clark  who designed and installed the donor cabinet.  Thanks, Ed.


Restoration Celebration

On Saturday, September 7 , 2019  the library trustees celebrated the completion of the restoration project which was begun in 2017.  A small crowd was in attendance to listen as Town Manager, Trampas King spoke briefly thanking all those involved in the exterior restoration project.  Carol Shurburne of the library board shared a letter written by the great grandchildren of library donor George A. Abbott.  Alicia Millette spoke  about the library’s new Makerspace which allows exposure to new technology and creativity to our area children.  Engraved roof slates from the original roof were presented to board treasurer Judy Bennett and former board chair, Ruth Fogg.  A slide presentation on the actual building work was given by Ruth Fogg, followed by a variety of beautiful and delicious refreshments.  The library restoration which is a credit to the town, was made possible by a large number of very generous donors.  We extend our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of them.




Local Authors Night

A very successful authors night was held recently at the library.  Four local authors read from their work, shared information on writing and publishing and sign copies of their work.  Authors participating were : Carol Feurtado of Dexter, Jake Morrel of Sangerville, Michelle Demoullin of Corinna and Meredith Josselyn of Dexter.



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Fiber Spinners

Area spinners meet at library on the fourth Saturday of each month @ 9:30 A.M.


Quilters, Knitters and Sewers

This local craft group meets twice monthly @ the library.  The first and third Wednesdays of each month @ 6 P.M..  For more information contact Shirley @ 924-7429.



Christmas Tea 2019





The library celebrated a festive holiday Tea on Saturday afternoon, December 7.  An assortment of tea sandwiches and treats were served as well as tea(of course!),coffee and punch.  Live Christmas music was provided by Sara and Holly on their euphoniums.  An ornament exchange followed.



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Tenth Anniversary of the book club


Library Book Club  10th Anniversary Celebration  April 2008-April 2018

14 members of the library’s Book Club meet on Wednesday April 25th to celebrate the club’s tenth anniversary.   An Anniversary Dinner was served featuring foods of the 1950s.  Members had just completed reading David Halberstam’s The Fifties.  Some of the favorite foods of the fifties included Spam sandwiches, swedish meatballs, corned beef hash, deviled eggs and tuna noodle casserole.


Monthly Book Club ( Meets the last Wednesday of each month @ 1  P.M.)

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Coming under discussion in February : One person, no vote by Carol Anderson

The Supreme Court decision that eviscerated the Voting Rights Act of 1965, known as the Shelby ruling, effectively allowed districts with a demonstrated history of racial discrimination to change voting requirements without approval from the Department of Justice.

Focusing on the aftermath of Shelby, Anderson follows the astonishing story of government-dictated racial discrimination unfolding before our very eyes as more and more states adopt voter suppression laws. In gripping, enlightening detail she explains how voter suppression from photo ID requirement,s to gerrymandering, to poll closures all work to disenfranchise large numbers of Americans.

Join us on Wednesday, February 26th @ 1 P.M. when we’ll meet to discuss this important book!

Library Story Time ( On hiatus )

Check back in for details later.

  Fridays @ 11 A.M.



                                   Poppy Seed the cat supervises story time.

Abbott Memorial Library holds Story Hour on Fridays at at 11 A.M.  This program is for youngsters up to age 6, accompanied by a parent or other adult. This program is free to the public and includes stories, songs and crafts. Upcoming subjects include fall stories and crafts.  Come join us for an enjoyable time. For further                   information, contact the library at 924-7292 or email Liz.

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A recent musical storytime  was held with Miss Nellie(center)



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