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History of the Library   The Abbott Memorial Library was given to the Town of Dexter by George A. Abbott on  Christmas Day 1894. In 1894 it housed a collection of 4,017 books.  On Christmas Day in 1894 at a special town meeting, George Abbott turned the deed to the building and grounds over to the town.  A special gold coin was presented by the town to Mr. Abbott as a token payment for his generous gift.  The gold coin is still in the possession of family descendants.


Archived Obituaries

The library’s Dexter obituary project is nearly finished; years 1866 through 2017.  Click here for the current database of Archived Obituaries. Beginning in November of 2014, we started adding obituaries from the town of Ripley, Maine.  As of late fall 2017 archived Ripley obituaries from 1870 through 1977 have been added.  If people have information to share, please Email your information to Head Librarian Liz Breault , send a letter to Head Librarian One Church Street Dexter, Maine 04930 or call (207) 924-7292

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New books, audios and movies recently added to our collection


Barclay, Linwood                 A Noise downstairs
Campbell, Ramsey               Thirteen days by Sunset Beach
Candlish, Lea                        Our house
Carpenter, Lea                     Red white blue
Castillo, Linda                      A Gathering of secrets
Clinton, Bill                           The President is missing
Doan, Amy                            The Summer list
Doviak, Scott Von               Charlesgate confidential
Doiron, Paul                         Stay Hidden
Geni, Abby                             The Wildlands
Grenier, Daniel                    The Longest year
Hill, Edwin                           Little comfort
Joukhadar, Jennifer          The Map of salt and stars
Kearsley, Susanna             Bellwether
King Stephen                       The outsider
McCauley, Stephen            My ex-life

MacGregor, Jon                The Reservoir tapes

Mejia, Mindy                     Leave no trace

Moriarty, Lian                  Big little lies
Ondaatje, Michael          Warlight
Orange, Tommy              There there
Pelecanos, Geroge          The man who came uptown
Ryan, Hank P.                 Trust me
Sager, riley                       The Last time I lied
Tyler, Anne                       Clock Dance
Walsh, Rosie                     Ghosted
Williams, Drew               The Stars now unclaimed

Non Fiction

Anderson, Carol
One person, no vote

Goldfarb, Ben
Eager: the surprising life of beavers

Chomsky, Noam
Requiem for the American dream

Epstein, Randi Hutter
Aroused : history of hormones and how they
control just about everything

Vincent, Lynn
Indianapolis : the true story of the worst sea disaster in U. S. Naval History

Field, Sally
In pieces

Garber, Elizabeth W.
Implosion : a memoir of an architect’s daughter



Castillo, Linda             A Gathering of secrets
Delaney, J. P.               Believe me
Kellerman, Jesse          A Measure of darkness
Staub, Wendy Corsi     Little girl lost
Vincent, Lynn               Indianopolis
Walsh, Rosie               Ghosted

Childrens Books

Brown,Margaret Wise        A Home in the barn
Castree, Genevieve              A Bubble
Daud, Somaiya                   Mirage
Hesse, Monica                   The War outside
McKinney, L. L.                A Blade so black
Marshall, Kate Alice        I am still alive
Schaeffer, Rebecca           Not even bones
Strasser, Todd                  Price of duty
Van Fleet, Matthew        Chomp goes the alligator

Juvenile Non Fiction

Raum, Elizabeth
The big bold, adventurous life of Rau Lavinia Warren






Our New Makerspace







This picture is of our first  laser cut and engraving project! We all hovered over the Glowforge machine to watch it as it made this project 🙂 Come check out this new resource at the Makerspace downstairs Tues-Fri 3-5, and Saturdays 10-1! What would you like to make with the new laser cutter and engraver?  Come downstairs is see what Mrs. Millette is creating.

Alicia Millette, Makerspace Maestro



Library Photos

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“New”(almost) Book Drop

Thanks to our handy employees at the town garage, our old rusted book drop box has been  re-welded  and beautifully refurbished.  Thanks, guys you saved the town a bucket of money!



Fourth of July Parades

Two young library patrons pull the model of the library in Dexter’s 2016 Fourth of July parade.

Library staff and patrons participate in Dexter’s 2017 Fourth of July parade.




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Library Exterior Restoration Project Completed!!


Nearly half the building was shrouded in scaffolding as the masons began work.



After a successful year of fundraising, and an entire summer and fall of exterior work, our beautiful library has been restored to it’s original beauty.



Another Successful Seed and Scion Swap

On Saturday, March 10, 2018 the library and DDATT hosted their fifth annual seed swap.  The swap was well attended with lots of gardening tips (and seeds and scions) being exchanged by participants.  Following the swap, DDATT’s Seed Savers met to discuss last year’s tomato/squash/pepper trials and form a plan for this growing season.  The Seed Savers will meet again in mid June for a tomato pollination workshop. Time and location to be determined.




DDATT (Dexter/Dover Area Towns in Transition) Meets the First Friday of each month.

DDATT’s mission is to help our area reduce our use of fossil fuels and create a more stable rural economy.

For more information on DDATT and future events, email to get on email news list, or call 277-4221 or 924-3836.


Seed Savers (meet irregularly at the library and local gardens)

Seed Savers.  The first “fruits” of the Seed Savers labors are” briefly” on display at the library.  These are tomato seedlings that were grown by the DDATT Seed Savers from the first crossing of last year’s tomato plants.    Most of these plants were produced by crossing Iron Lady a blight resistant variety with the tasty old standby Marglobe.   Members will be planting these seedling in their own gardens for the summer and harvesting seeds only from the hardiest, tastiest fruit for next years seedlings.  The Seed Savers are working at improving the flavor quality, hardiness, disease resistance,and  storage life of three common garden vegetables.  FMI contact Liz @ the library.

Local Authors Night

A very successful authors night was held recently at the library.  Four local authors read from their work, shared information on writing and publishing and sign copies of their work.  Authors participating were : Carol Feurtado of Dexter, Jake Morrel of Sangerville, Michelle Demoullin of Corinna and Meredith Josselyn of Dexter.



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Fiber Spinners

Area spinners meet at library on the fourth Saturday of each month @ 9:30 A.M.


Quilters, Knitters and Sewers

This local craft group meets twice monthly @ the library.  The first and third Wednesdays of each month @ 6 P.M..  For more information contact Shirley @ 924-7429.



Christmas Tea 2018






The library celebrated a festive holiday Tea on Saturday afternoon, December 8.  An assortment of tea sandwiches and treats were served as well as tea(of course!),coffee and punch.  Live Christmas music was provided by Sara and Jane on flutes.  An ornament exchange followed.  As soon as the ornaments were removed from the basket, Poppy staked it out for a new napping site.



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Tenth Anniversary of the book club


Library Book Club  10th Anniversary Celebration  April 2008-April 2018

14 members of the library’s Book Club meet on Wednesday April 25th to celebrate the club’s tenth anniversary.   An Anniversary Dinner was served featuring foods of the 1950s.  Members had just completed reading David Halberstam’s The Fifties.  Some of the favorite foods of the fifties included Spam sandwiches, swedish meatballs, corned beef hash, deviled eggs and tuna noodle casserole.


Monthly Book Club ( Meets the last Wednesday of each month @ 1  P.M.)


Join us in May when we’ll be reading A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson

We’ll meet to discuss this book on Wednesday May 29 @ 6P.M.






On Wednesday, June 26th we’ll meet to discuss : Heartland : a memoir of working hard and being poor in the richest country on earth by Sarah Smarsh.

Smarsh escaped poverty, she believes, because, unlike her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother, she didn’t become a teenage mom. In part, she says, this was because she was among the first generation of her family to have at least one constant home. The memoir flickers to life at that home, a humble farmhouse on 160 acres of wheat fields outside Wichita

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Library Story Time ( On hiatus )

Check back in for details later.

  Fridays @ 11 A.M.



                                   Poppy Seed the cat supervises story time.

Abbott Memorial Library holds Story Hour on Fridays at at 11 A.M.  This program is for youngsters up to age 6, accompanied by a parent or other adult. This program is free to the public and includes stories, songs and crafts. Upcoming subjects include fall stories and crafts.  Come join us for an enjoyable time. For further                   information, contact the library at 924-7292 or email Liz.

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A recent musical storytime  was held with Miss Nellie(center)



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