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History of the Library The Abbott Memorial Library was given to the Town of Dexter by George A. Abbott on Christmas Day 1894. In 1894 it housed a collection of 4,017 books. Today our collection numbers are over 26,217 and counting. This includes DVD’s, and unabridged audio books. The library subscribes to 66 magazines and five newspapers. An online index of periodicals which includes full text articles is available for patron use.The library provides services to the residents of Dexter, Cambridge, Exeter, Garland, Ripley, and St. Albans. Public Internet access is available from 8 work stations, and we offer wireless Internet access as well as an on-line catalog of library holdings available through the Maine Balsam Libraries Consortium.  We accept telephone requests for renewals and provide in state as well as out-of-state inter-library loans, monthly lists of new books, public color copying and delivery of books to in town shut-ins.

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Library Hours & Contact Information
Sunday & Mondays we are closed.
Tuesday – 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Wednesday -10:00 am-8:00 pm, Thursday – 10:00 am-6:00 pm, Friday – 10:00 am-6:00 pm, and Saturday – 9:00 am-2:00 pm.  The library is also closed on Tuesdays after a Monday holiday.
The Library phone number is 207-924-7292 and the Librarian can be reached either at this number or by E-mail

  •                                                                                              Library Cards

Library cards are available free of charge to residents of Dexter, Exeter, Garland, Ripley and St. Albans.  Residents of other towns pay a yearly fee of $15.  When applying for a card please bring in a photo ID and proof of your physical address(if not on your photo ID).  This might be an electric bill, or mail from a business or government agency addressed to you at your home.

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2017. Our long cool spring prolonged the beauty of the flowering bulbs and shrubs.




Meet our Staff


This is Liz.  I direct operations at the library.  I order all books, movies, magazines and audio books as well as managing all programming and overseeing the maintenance of our beautiful building.  Speak to me if you have requests for books or movies or suggestions for new programs.


Hi!  I’m Barb.  I handle the circulation desk on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. Ask me if you need any help.



Hi! I’m Eileen and I love my job here at the library.   Working Tuesdays and Wednesdays,  I enjoy helping people with book choices, interlibrary loans, computer use, and photocopying.




Hi!  I’m Michelle and I work as a substitute, filling in when either Barb or Eileen is out sick or on vacation.


Library Cat

The library has a resident library cat named Poppy Seed.  She is a female cat that loves attention and will sit on or in your book bag or on your lap while you use a computer.
 Poppy Seed


Lady Head Vases on Display

On loan this month is Leslie Steeg’s collection of vintage Lady Head Vases.  These hand painted bisque china vases were popular florists vases from the 1950s and 1960s.  Leslie began her collection in 1975 when these colorful vases could be easily picked up at yard and garage sales.  Today, they are only found in antique shops.


Archived Obituaries

The library’s Dexter obituary project is nearly finished; years 1865 through summer of 2016.  Click here for the current database of Archived Obituaries. Beginning in November of 2014, we will begin adding obituaries from the town of Ripley, Maine.  As of late spring 2016 archived Ripley obituaries from 1870 through 1961 have been added.  If people have information to share, please Email your information to Head Librarian Liz Breault , send a letter to Head Librarian One Church Street Dexter, Maine 04930 or call (207) 924-7292

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Additional Links

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New books, audios and movies recently added to our collection


Hekla’s children
Dragon teeth
The Wonder
Into the water
The Girl on the bridge
Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine
Since we fell
Ginny Moon
With love, wherever you are
The Stars are fire
Anything is possible
Where tides turn

Non fiction

Haupt, Lynda Lynn
Mozart’s starling

Selzer, Adam
H.H. Holmes : the true history of the white…

Engeln, Renee
Beauty sick

Moore, Kate
The Radium girls : the dark story of America’s

Haskell, David George
The Songs of trees

Cassidy, Cody
What really happens if you get swallowed by a whale


Barry, Brunonia          The Fifth petal
Child, Lincoln               Full wolf moon
Delaney, J P                  The Girl before
Hawkins, Paula            Into the water
McMahon, Jennifer     Burn town
Shaara, Jeff                    The Frozen hours
Shreve, Anita                  The Stars are fire
Strout, Elizabeth           Anything is possible
Sullivan, J. Courtney    Saints for all occasions
Underdown, Beth          The Witchfinder’s sister

New Movies

The Girl on the train
Hidden figures
LaLa Land

Juvenile Books

Corr, Christopher                     Deep in the woods
Foster, Stewart                          Bubble
French, Gillian                           Grit
Giff, Patricia Reilly                    Genevieve’s War
Goobie, Beth                               The Pain eater
Gaiman, Neil                               Cinnamon
Lisle, Janet Taylor                      Quicksand Pond
Romanoff, Zan                             Grace and the fever
Yolen, Jane                                   On duck pond

Christelow, Eileen                        Robins! how they grow up
Edwards, Sue Bradford               Hidden human computers
Heiligman, Deborah                    Vincent and Theo
Johanson, Carl                              All kinds of cars
Nelson, S. D.                                  Red Cloud : a Lakota story
Peabody, Erin                                Bigfoot : behind the legend
Scott, Katie                                     Botanicum




Library Photos

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“New”(almost) Book Drop

Thanks to our handy employees at the town garage, our old rusted book drop box has been  re-welded  and beautifully refurbished.  Thanks, guys you saved the town a bucket of money!



Fourth of July Parades

Two young library patrons pull the model of the library in Dexter’s 2016 Fourth of July parade.

Library staff and patrons participate in Dexter’s 2017 Fourth of July parade.


Biennial Book Sales

2017 Book Sale

Book Donations Donations of clean undamaged books are welcomed. No text books or Reader’s Digest books. Please contact the library at (207) 924-7292 for more information or to arrange for pick up of donations.

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Library Exterior Renovation Project News!!


After patching up after each major rainstorm, the library trustees decided it was time do some restoration work our historic library.  A major exterior renovation project is underway at the library and the capital campaign has begun and historic architects are being consulted. The goal of the project is to: reslate the roof, install new copper gutters and eaves, install a new skylight, replace the old Lexan storm windows, restore the window frames, clean, fill and re-glaze the terra cotta, reconstruct the cracked brick cheek walls and install new stair railings in addition to re-pointing the masonry and granite foundation.  Donations are welcome or can be made directly into the Maine Highlands Federal Credit Union Abbott Memorial Library Restoration Fund.


DDATT (Dexter/Dover Area Towns in Transition)Meets the First Friday of each month.

DDATT’s mission is to help our area reduce our use of fossil fuels and create a more stable rural economy.

For more information on DDATT and future events, email to get on email news list, or call 277-4221 or 924-3836.

Seed Savers (meet irregularly at the library and local gardens)

Seed Savers.  The first “fruits” of the Seed Savers labors are” briefly” on display at the library.  These are tomato seedlings that were grown by the DDATT Seed Savers from the first crossing of last year’s tomato plants.    Most of these plants were produced by crossing Iron Lady a blight resistant variety with the tasty old standby Marglobe.   Members will be planting these seedling in their own gardens for the summer and harvesting seeds only from the hardiest, tastiest fruit for next years seedlings.  The Seed Savers are working at improving the flavor quality, hardiness, disease resistance,and  storage life of three common garden vegetables.  FMI contact Liz @ the library.

Permaculture.  A recent program on permaculture drew a large crowd of interested gardeners.






Presenters : Steve and Brooke


Permaculture audience waits for program to begin.



Gaming @ the library

On Saturday, August 19 at 11 A.M.  the Abbott Memorial Library in Dexter is inviting beginners and experienced board gamers to a family friendly gaming program.  Bobby Keith of Dexter will provide the board games as well as lessons so that all can play in a friendly supportive environment.  Games range from single player to multiple players.

Games are available for kids ages eight and above.  According to Bobby, board games inspire creativity, planning and enhance critical thinking as well as providing a fun time for all.

Please join us on Saturday, July 15 for fun and games!  FMI : 924-729


Skeleton Crew (Meets monthly from September through May @ 1 P.M. on the First Friday of each month)

The Skeleton Crew was founded by Liz Breault and Beth Ranagan to present programming that helps seniors build and maintain good physical  and mental health.


Chris Clukey of Dover audiology spoke recently about age-related hearing loss at the Abbott Memorial Library’s Skeleton Crew Meeting.  Two thirds of people over the age of 70 have some degree of hearing loss.  Pictured left to right is librarian Liz Breault, Chris Clukey and Beth Ranagan, co-founder of the Skeleton Crew.




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Fiber Spinners

Area spinners meet at library on the fourth Saturday of each month @ 9:30 A.M.


Quilters, Knitters and Sewers

This local craft group meets twice monthly @ the library.  The first and third Wednesdays @ 6 P.M..  For more information contact Shirley @ 924-7429.




 Matter of Balance presented as part of the Skeleton Crew series of programs.


Matter of Balance Class Members:  (L-R) Row 1 – Dodie Curtis, Liz Breault, Beth Ranagan, Terri Palin; Row 2 – Meredith Perkins, Aloyse Larrabee, Karen Pineo, Eleanor Beatham, Betty Richards, Joanne Buzzell; Row 3 – Sherman Cookson, Brenda Cookson, Frank Spizuoco, Dot Marsh, Ken Buzzell; Row 4 – Barrett Morrisson, Shirley Groody, Walter Kimball.  Members absent:   Helen Putman, Phyllis Folsom, and Evelyn Farrar

On May 4, nineteen residents of the greater Dexter area completed the Matter of Balance program presented at the Abbott Memorial Library.  This program was sponsored by the library Board of Directors in conjunction with Friends of Community Fitness in Guilford and Dexter’s Skeleton Crew.  The classes were led by Dodie Curtis and Terri Palin, volunteer Matter of Balance Master Trainers.
The 16-hour course included information and discussion about fears and prevention of falling.  Physical Therapist, Susan Garrettson, demonstrated how to best get up from a fall as well as how to properly use canes and walkers, if needed.  Gentle, but effective, exercises were practiced by all participants to build strength and flexibility needed to stand, walk, and maintain balance.  Discussions were serious and lively.  Improvements were noted in students’ abilities to perform the various exercises.
The class dynamics led to fun during this important learning opportunity.  Friends were made.  On graduation day, some folks were making plans to see each other again for lunch and at the Community Fitness Center’s Silver Sneakers® exercise program for seniors in Guilford.
If you would like to become part of A Matter of Balance in the future, call Community Fitness (876-4813) to find out when and where the next classes will be held.  As one class participant remarked, “I didn’t know that there is so much that I can do to prevent falls.  It has been a wonderfully pleasant experience with some very nice people.”



Christmas Tea 2016



Sara Herter and Holly Melia on their euphoniums




The library celebrated a festive holiday Tea on December 10.  An assortment of tea sandwiches and treats were served as well as tea(of course!),coffee and punch.  Live Christmas music was provided by Sara and Holly on their euphoniums as well as the local DRHS Ukulele Club.  An ornament exchange followed.



Ukulele Club


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Monthly Book Club ( Meets the last Wednesday of each month @ 6 P.M.)

When : Wednesday,  August 30, 2017

The Case against sugar by Gary Taubes



A New York Times Bestseller.  This groundbreaking, eye-opening expo makes the convincing case that sugar is the tobacco of the new millennium: backed by powerful lobbies, entrenched in our lives, and making us very sick. With his signature command of science and straight talk, Taubes provides the perspective needed to make informed decisions about sugar as individuals and as a society.

Wednesday,  August 30,  when we’ll meet to discuss this book.



Library Story Time (Meets weekly on Fridays)

When :  Fridays beginning this fall



Abbott Memorial Library holds Story Hour on Fridays beginning this fall (time to be announced.)  This program is for youngsters up to age 6, accompanied by a parent or other adult. This program is free to the public and includes stories, songs and crafts. Upcoming subjects include fall stories and crafts.  Come join us for an enjoyable time. For further information, contact the library at 924-7292 or email Liz.

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