Appeals Board

It is the role of the Board of Appeals to review decisions made by town officials. The most common reason for the Board to meet is to act on requests for variances to the standards of our ordinances; for example, a request to construct a building inside the required setback of the shoreline or to a property line. The Board of Appeals also acts when it is alleged that a decision by the Code Officer, the Planning Board, or the Tax Assessor was made in error.

Example: In 2001, the Board of Appeals met on four different occasions. The Board met twice to hear the same appeal of a tax decision by the Assessor, after which the Assessor’s decision was upheld. The other times were to hear a request for a variance for the construction of a garage in the shoreland zone, which was denied, and an appeal to an enforcement action decision by the Code Officer, which was also denied.

The power and duties Board of Appeal are spelled out in state law as well as in the town ordinances. The Board takes seriously its role in town government, and all requests are dealt with in a fair and impartial manner.


Timothy Mountain20 Spring Street924-68671/16 - 12/18
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William Lovejoy133 Grove Street924-72141/15 - 12/17
Charles Merrill89 Shore Road270-14271/14 - 12/16
David Pearson230 Silvers Mills Road924-50351/16 - 12/18
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JoDee Tempesta34 Tempesta Lane717-5227Expires 12/17


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