The Town of Dexter cemeteries are maintained through the Cemetery Sexton position. The Cemetery Sexton position is currently vacant.  If you have any questions please call the Town Office at 207-924-7351 x10 or E-mail manager@dextermaine.org

Private Cemetery – Tucker Family on Zions Hill Road.
Green Cemetery – on the corner of Charleston Road and Maple Street.
Elmwood Cemetery – Liberty Street.
Storer Cemetery – on Old Pond Road {off Shore Road}.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery – Bryant Road.

Dexter Town Code

Cemetery Fees

Purchase of Lots
For Residents/Taxpayers:
Each grave lot will cost two hundred dollars {$200.00} regardless of the number of lots purchased.

For Non-Residents:
Each grave lot will cost four hundred dollars {$400.00}

Burial Rates:
The town burial rates shall be:

Adults – four hundred dollars {$400.00} on weekdays and five hundred dollars {$500.00} on weekends and holidays.

Burials for ashes shall be one hundred twenty-five dollars {$125.00} on weekdays and one hundred fifty dollars {$150.00} on weekends.

Burials for infants shall be one hundred dollars {$100.00}.

Grave closings after 4:00 p.m. will be one hundred dollars {$100.00} extra.

The following rates are hereby established for the purchase of perpetual and ordinary care:

Perpetual care will cost two hundred dollars ($200.00) per grave for residents/taxpayers of the Town of Dexter.

Cost of perpetual care for nonresidents will be four hundred dollars ($400.00) per grave lot.



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