The Town of Dexter cemeteries are maintained through the Cemetery Sexton position. The Cemetery Sexton is Jeremy Trowbridge.  If you have any questions, you can call him at 207-270-0295 or email him at cemeterysexton@dextermaine.org

Private Cemetery – Tucker Family on Zions Hill Road.
Green Cemetery – on the corner of Charleston Road and Maple Street.
Elmwood Cemetery – Liberty Street.
Storer Cemetery – on Old Pond Road {off Shore Road}.
Mt. Pleasant Cemetery – Bryant Road.

Dexter Town Code

Cemetery Fees

Purchase of Lots
For Residents/Taxpayers:
Each grave lot will cost two hundred dollars {$200.00} regardless of the number of lots purchased.

For Non-Residents:
Each grave lot will cost four hundred dollars {$400.00}

Burial Rates:
The town burial rates shall be:

Adults – four hundred dollars {$400.00} on weekdays and five hundred dollars {$500.00} on weekends and holidays.

Burials for ashes shall be one hundred twenty-five dollars {$125.00} on weekdays and one hundred fifty dollars {$150.00} on weekends.

Burials for infants shall be one hundred dollars {$100.00}.

Grave closings after 4:00 p.m. will be one hundred dollars {$100.00} extra.

The following rates are hereby established for the purchase of perpetual and ordinary care:

Perpetual care will cost two hundred dollars ($200.00) per grave for residents/taxpayers of the Town of Dexter.

Cost of perpetual care for nonresidents will be four hundred dollars ($400.00) per grave lot.



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