The Town of Dexter Recreation Department offers a wide variety of activities for the local youth. For a complete list please see Recreation Activities. Also, the guidelines for parents, coaches, and participants is listed as well for your convenience and knowledge. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns please call me.

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Recreation Director
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Dexter Recreation Department Registration Form


Recurring Recreation Activities – 

  • Rollerskating – {Late Sept. through Last Saturday in April}  is from 2 – 4 PM every Saturday at the Town Hall upstairs. $2.00 entry fee and $1.00 skate rental fee. Refreshments are available to purchase.
  • Walking at the Town Hall – 8 AM-12:30 PM Monday thru Friday (open to anyone)
  • Teen dances – Last Friday of each month {During the school year} at the Town Hall from (6:30 to 9 for Grades 5 thru 8). Admission is $4. Refreshments are available to purchase.  For more information contact the Rec. Dept. 270-0195     ***CHAPERONES ARE NEEDED!!**

 NOTICE The rule of “Once you leave you cannot come back in” will be strictly enforced from now on. If a person needs to leave they will be assisted/required to call their parent/caregiver if they refuse the parent/caregiver will be notified as soon as possible.


Section I: Program Objectives, Structure, Eligibility 


  • Strive toward building strong personal values in our youth through athletic competition.
  • Insure every child that’s interested has a chance to participate in the programs offered.
  • Participants are provided the fundamentals for development of individual skills and the opportunity for physical, mental and social growth. While having fun in the process.
  • Provide the opportunity for the participants to compete in an atmosphere that is enjoyable and will:
    • Encourage the development of skills
    • Promote wholesome attitudes towards teammates, opponents, and coaches
    • Develop a knowledge and respect for the rules of the sport
    • Provide exposure to a competitive environment
    • Promote the importance of understanding the concept team attitude
  • Achieve Goals by:
    • Allowing sufficient time for development of skills necessary for participation in each activity
    • Maximize playing opportunity for all participants
    • Stressing the importance of individual praise as related to team performance
    • Following the program rules set forth by the Recreation Department and advice of the Recreation Committee


  • The majority of the Department athletic programs are structured to function on an intramural basis, with teams competing with one another within the Dexter program. All of our intramural activities will be performed at Town managed facilities.
  • Traveling Teams/All-Star Teams may be created within each sport category at the discretion of the Recreation Director and/or the recommendation of the Recreation Committee. These special teams will be created after the end of the regular season of each category of sport. The teams will be composed of members selected from each league team by an evaluation committee made up of the regular season coaches. The recommendations of the coaches will be reviewed and approved by the Recreation Committee and Recreation Director prior to official announcement. All members of special teams must have been participants on a regular season Dexter Recreation Program sanctioned team.


  • Participants must be the dependents of Dexter residents (including seasonal residents), or attend school within School Administrative District (SAD) #46. The exception to this rule occurs when a town within SAD #46 offers a similar program in the same sport. In this situation the individual must participate in their respective town’s program and will be ineligible to participate in the Dexter program.

Section III: Administration

  • Parents are required to register their children for each sport/activity and must sign a release statement. A sample of the registration forms are included as an attachment.
  • A schedule of events will be maintained and posted in the Town Office, Town Hall, and schools. Schedules will also be occasionally published in the local newspaper.
  • In the event of inclement weather, information on program cancellations can be obtained by calling the Recreation Director or the activity Coach.

Section IV: Summary of Available Programs

This program is for Pre-K and is co-ed. Players are instructed in fundamental, rules, and sportsmanship. Practices are held at Ellms Field generally on Saturday mornings and one day in the middle of the week.

Flag Football:
The program is for grades K-2 and is a non-contact game with emphasis on learning the fundamentals, rules, and sportsmanship. Practice’s are generally a couple of nights a week at the Ridge View Community School.

This program is co-ed for grades 1-2. Players are instructed in the fundamentals, rules, and sportsmanship. Practice’s are generally held at Ellms Field on Saturday mornings as well as one day in the middle of the week.

For grades K-5. This is a winter program that has emphasis on the basic fundamentals of the sport. Practice’s are held at Ridge View Community School.

The is a fall program designed for children in grades K-6. We stress fundamentals, basic skills, rules of the game, and have several games where children gain valuable experience in competitive situations. Practice is held at Elms Complex and games are played at Ridge View Community School. The number of participants determine the number of teams and schedule.

Field Hockey:
This is a Fall program for grades K-6. Games and practices are held at Ridge View Community School.

Girls Basketball:
This is a winter and summer program designed for children in grades K-6. Individual instruction, rules, basic skills, game situations and strategies, as well as game fundamentals are stressed. All regular season games are played within the Dexter Recreation Program League. “Traveling Teams” may be formed after the conclusion of the regular season. Traveling Teams will only be composed of players that registered and participated in the regular season program. Games and practices are held at the Dexter Regional High School, Dexter Middle School, and Town Hall Gym.

Boys Basketball:
This is a winter and summer program that is designed for children in grades K-6. Individual instruction is provided in basic skills, rules, game situations and strategies, and the fundamentals of basketball. All regular season games are played within the Dexter Recreation Program League. “Traveling Teams” may be formed after the conclusion of the regular season. Traveling Teams will only be composed of players that registered and participated in the regular season program. Games and practices are held at the Dexter Regional High School, Dexter Middle School, and Town Hall Gym.

Girls Softball:
For girls in grades 3-6. Players receive instruction with emphasis on fundamentals, rules, and sportsmanship as well as improving game skills and strategies. League play will provide a competitive environment and game experience will be obtained. Games and practice’s are generally held at Ellms Field.

Tackle Football:
For grades 3-6. This is a contact sport. Players receive instruction with emphasis on fundamentals, rules, and sportsmanship as well as improving game skills and strategies. League play will provide a competitive environment and game experience will be obtained. Games and practice’s are held at Ridge View Community School.

Little League:
The program is for children ages 9-12. A player cannot turn 13 years of age until August 1st of that season, and must turn 9 years of age before August 1st of that season. Teams play a 15 game schedule within the Dexter program. Tournaments and All-Star teams will play after the regular season is completed.

Babe Ruth League:
The program is for ages 13-16. Players must turn 13 years of age before August 1st and cannot turn 17 years of age until after August 1st of that season. Play on this team will require travel to other communities. The team will play a schedule of games to be determined at the league meeting prior to each season. The number of teams will be determined by the level of participation.

Seasonal temperatures and weather permitting the Recreation Department maintains a skating rink located on Pleasant Street.

Section V: Facilities

Crosby Park:
Located at the corner of Highland Avenue and Crosby Street. The park complex includes a Creative Playground Area, Covered Picnic Area, Baseball Field and Grandstands, and Tennis Courts.

Ellms Field Complex:
Located on Zions Hill Road, the complex includes lighted tennis courts, and two ball fields.

Old Town Hall:
Located next to the Abbott Memorial Library. The building has multiple uses and multiple activities on a daily basis. The facility is available for rental during periods when no Recreation Department activities are scheduled. Rental and use of the facility must be coordinated with the Recreation Director. Rules pertaining to use and care of the facility are posted in the Gym area. A master schedule of activities for the building is maintained by the Recreation Director.

Skating Rink:
This outdoor skating rink is located on Pleasant Street and is used for free skating.

Section VI: Registration & Fee Policy


  • Registration sessions will be held for each program. Announcements regarding times and location for registration will be made in the local newspaper, notices in the Town Office, on our Internet Web Page (, and through the local school system.
  • Each participant’s legal guardian will be required to complete a registration form, emergency notification form, and sign a release statement.
  • Participant’s may register for individual programs up to 15 days after the formal start date of each activity (exceptions to this policy may be made on a case-by-case basis).


  • There will be a fee of $15.00 per person per program.
  • Preferred payment of fees is by check. Checks should be made payable to The Town of Dexter.
  • Fees must be paid by the end of the second complete week of each program.
  • There may be cases where payment of fees may create a financial hardship for the caregiver of one or more participants. In such cases the caregiver should contact the Recreation Director or coach. Under certain situations fees may be waived with the approval of the Recreation Director.

Section VIII: Team Composition & Participant Screening

Team Composition:
In the spirit of competition and to insure maximum participation, we will strive to make sure that the talent levels on all Recreation Program teams are well balanced.

Participant Screening:

  • Prior to the selection of teams (drafting process), tryouts and grading of participants will be conducted. The goal is to produce a more competitive environment and produce teams that are more evenly matched.
  • Coaches involved in the tryout process will grade each participant and provide the results of grading to the Recreation Director. The Recreation Director will compile the information and make it available to the individual coaches prior to a team selection (draft) meeting.
  • The Recreation Director will oversee a meeting of coaches to select team members. The Recreation Director has final authority on the selection (draft) process.

Section IX: Rights & Responsibilities

What are Rights and Responsibilities in youth sports? Rights are what you can expect to happen in youth sports programs. Responsibilities are what others expect from you. Everyone in the program has rights as well as responsibilities.


  • Rights
    • To have support from management and administration
    • To know what is expected
    • To have a fair complaint system
  • Responsibilities
    • To provide accurate background information to the league
    • To get training when needed
    • To understand your role and influence as a coach
    • To understand intervention and reporting procedures
    • To abide by a code of ethics
    • To be an advocate of the program’s philosophy
    • To set expectations for the season
    • To look at the needs of each athlete, gifted and not gifted
    • To limit physical interaction while conducting instructions
    • To provide an appropriate and caring manner
    • To never touch out of anger
    • To keep games free from put-downs, trash talk and profanity
    • To motivate with praise and specific instruction
    • To not use physical punishment
    • To learn effective ways to channel frustrations and anger
    • To communicate respectfully to parents, athletes, officials, and administrators
    • To provide a safe and fun environment

Young Athletes

  • Rights
    • To have sports be a safe experience, free from abuse and violence
    • To have fun learning, trying new things, and interacting with peers
    • To participate in a variety of youth sports and activities
  • Responsibilities
    • To follow rules
    • To tell parents or guardians about any abuse
    • To try your hardest and to do your best
    • To learn the values of teamwork and supporting one another
    • To learn ways to deal with pressure situations
    • To care about others
    • To settle conflicts without saying or doing things that hurt others
    • To treat officials, coaches, and each other with respect
    • To be a good sportsman on and off the field of play
    • To let your parents and coaches know what you need


  • Rights
    • To have a safe and fun experience with your child
    • To have accurate and comprehensive information
    • To be a part of a quality youth oriented program
    • To know about the complaint procedures
    • To be protected from recourse if a complaint is filed
  • Responsibilities
    • To have a part in the supervision of your child
    • To bring forward valid complaints
    • To be a good spectator
    • To educate your children about abuse
    • To help each child find the right program and sport
    • To assess the philosophy of the coach and organization to make sure they match your child’s needs
    • To provide each child with the physical and emotional guidance they need to thrive
    • To be an advocate for each of your children and provide full support
    • To equally support your sons and daughters as athletes
    • To understand that all children are gifted but in different ways
    • To support the individual needs and interests of each child
    • To provide unconditional love and support never based on individual performance on the playing field
    • To pay attention to see if your children are having fun, learning, and improving
    • Avoid excessive attention on the winning
    • Help create a safe and fun environment


  • Rights
    • To be treated with dignity and respect
    • To be free from abuse
    • To have the support of administration and coaches
  • Responsibilities
    • To receive whatever training possible
    • To set the stage for everyone to be a good sport
    • To be fair and impartial explaining the situations that occur professionally and accurately
    • To set limits and boundaries not allowing abusive behavior by coaches, players, parents, or fans
    • To take an active role protecting children from an abusive situation
    • To promote a safe and fun environment

Fans & Spectators

  • Rights
    • To be free from abuse
    • To enjoy the fun and entertainment of being a spectator
  • Responsibilities
    • To behave in a non-abusive and supportive manner
    • To address others who are behaving inappropriately
    • To advise authorities about inappropriate behavior
    • To adhere to drug and alcohol free standards at all events

Our programs are instructed and supervised with the highest emphasis being placed on sportsmanship and self-discipline. If you are not satisfied with any program, please contact Recreation Director at 270-0195 with your concerns or suggestions.

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